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ahahaha i haven't been on lj in foreverrrr. (i'm... pretty sure i also have a dreamwidth somewhere?? idk, idk.)

i should probably try to come on or write something for like, the first time in ever.

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i need a life

so!  today marks the day of my one-month anniversary in the hockey fandom!!

at this point in june, i turned on the tv to a hockey game and figured it would be a relaxing break from exams (lol past!me) and possibly good background noise when i was studying (LOL PAST!ME).

SPOILERS: IT WAS NOT. //weeps gently

so i ended up watching chicago's run for the cup because kelly was shouting her blackhawks feels over skype.  and then the cup and then the draft and then i realized i didn't know like.  any of the teams and/or players who weren't playing after midway through the blackhawks vs kings series?  so!  primers and recs and links to stuff i should watch are extremely appreciated!!  i will be your friend forever and follow you around, making you internet!baked goods??  if that bribes anyone???


//waves flag

miles and hairbreadths from you

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Warnings: Cursing, sex.
Wordcount: ~2000
Notes: Another one for idrisinsummer.  Part of an incomplete oneshot, a larger work.  Also, I fail at smut. :[  It's also my first time writing it, though, so I guess that's excusable.  Also, right now miles and hairbreadths from you is the working title of the smut part of the look up the stars are shining 'verse.
Disclaimer: TMI - not my world.

She kisses Jace, deep and soft, and he tastes like the chinese food they ordered, warm and spicy with a hint of chicken.Collapse )


do you remember the yesterday of us?

Author: fadedclassic
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Warnings: Bad language, implications of underage sex and (possibly) underage prostitution, implications of child abuse, alcoholism.
Wordcount: ~2000
Notes: For idrisinsummer, the best parabatai ever.  Happy birthday, Rach!  Also, this is admittedly one of the weirdest things I've written, and my attempt at self-destruction is absolutely awful.
Disclaimer: PJO - not my world.

“I think you're a nice person,” he says, a bright and innocent smile adorning his still-chubby cheeks with all the sincerity of a child. She looks across at him - they are the same age, but she feels so, so much older. She wants to scream at him, slap him, make him see the destruction and havoc she wreaks all around her, but instead she mutters, “Well, you don't know me very well at all.”Collapse )